Welcome to our daily Social Breakfasts. Today to talk about:

  1. About Us – Small About Social Breakfasts
  2. Introduction – A little about the trainer
  3. Social Media Stats – Latest digital marketing stats for 2021
  4. TOPIC: Ecommerce – The 2 platforms we champion, the requirements and all the costs involved to get started.
  5. Entrepreneurs Wellness Tip – Some practical tips to overcome writers block and and fuel creativity.
  6. Content Ideas – If you are looking for inspiration to post on social media, we give you tons of ideas, we even show you how to go find content, how to create your posts. Content Tips, Daily Hashtags.
  7. Wisdom Tips by Victor van der Spuy – Victor is an Executive Coach sharing a plethora of information with us.
  8. Networking – Connect – Share your business with each other

eCommerce is booming. The world as we know has changed. Everything is gone digital and it’s not going back any time soon.

In todays lesson we speak about Shopify and Woocommerce. All the costs involved, Shipping, Images, Payment Gateways. We share some tips to increase sales on your shop.

Check it out.